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Dan E Leeds Scholarship for Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Services

On August 7th 2014, the Greer Fire District suffered the tremendous loss of our founder and Board Chairman Dan E Leeds. To honor his memory and his selfless contribution to Greer and the surrounding area, the Greer Fire District Auxiliary created the Dan E. Leeds Scholarship to assist those interested in pursuing an education or career in Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Services.

One scholarship award will be given per year. Two cash awards of $500 dollars will be given to the successful applicants.

Scholarship applications will be limited specifically to applicants from the following agencies and entities.

Alpine Fire District

Eagar Fire Department

Nutrioso Fire District

Saint Johns Fire Department

Springerville Fire Department

Vernon Fire District

Concho Fire District

White Mountain Ambulance Service

Saint Johns Emergency Medical Services

Round Valley High School

Saint Johns High School

Applications must be post dated no later than April 19th, 2019.

Please see the application form for all requirements and details.

Please contact

Firefighter Steven Vickers or Firefighter Jacob Orona at (928) 735-7279 with any questions


When having a Campfire make sure that it is cleared around fire area, have water available, a phone & have filled out a Burn Permit & have called the Fire District. When done with your Fire; - Drown, - Stir, - Feel; make sure Fire is COLD & OUT.

With Fall & Winter approaching the weather is getting Cooler. Before using your Fireplaces have your chimneys inspected & cleaned if needed. Have your furnaces inspected & cleaned as well. If using a wood burning fireplace make sure ashes are Cold before cleaning; place ashes in a a metal bucket with a lid & store in a safe place. Make sure all ashes are Cool before disposing of. DO NOT Dump ashes out on the ground. Pictured Below Ashes that were dumped on the Ground; This Fire was reported 10/2/2018.

Check us out and Like us on Facebook. We have a link on the Home page in the bottom Left corner.

Greer Fire District now requires a BURN PERMIT for any burning within the Greer area.  Burn Permits can be picked at Greer Fire Station #2.

Things YOU can do to Protect your Home & Property

  • Create a “Defensive Space” – Remove all dry grass, brush, dead leaves & slash ATLEAST 30 FEET from your Home. Fire Resistant landscaping is recommended.
  • Remove any & all branches overhanging or within 10 feet of your roof.
  • Cover your chimney/stovepipes with non-flammable screen (Spark Arrester) of ¼ inch or smaller mesh.
  • Any new construction or remodeling should be done with Fire Resistant materials, including siding and roofing.
  • Space trees and shrubs 10 feet apart. Reduce the number of trees in heavily wooded areas.
  • Trees taller than 18 feet, prune lower branches 6 feet off the ground, prevent fire from reaching the tops of trees.
  • Stack firewood & scrap piles at least 30 feet from your home and clear flammable vegetation within 10 feet of the piles.
  • Locate LPG tanks at least 30 feet from any structure and surround the tank with a 10 foot clearance around.
  • Maintain your “DEFENSIVE SPACE.”

If you would like other suggestions or recommendations to protect your Home & Property or have questions or concerns regarding safety, fire conditions, fire prevention or general questions about the Greer Fire Department you may contact us at (928) 735-7279.

Thank You, Greer Fire District

Mark Wade – CEP
Fire Chief
Greer Fire Department


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